HITT Contracting Case Study

HITT Case Study: Driving CX into a construction powerhouse on the move

HITT Contracting is one of the largest construction/contracting firms in the US. In 2019 they set aggressive goals to genuinely embrace client experience (CX). In 2020, they selected CX Pilots to help them advance their CX management program to the next level.


We began HITT’s CX management program by first evaluating where their CX program was at present vs. where they wanted to take it in the future. From there we broke the program approach down into four phases;

  1. Audit existing client and partner feedback processes to determine best go forward approach to close more feedback loops and generate insights that could drive measurable business improvements.
  2. Plan and facilitate the firm’s first wave of outcome-oriented client personas and journey maps for their three most complex client segments.
  3. Perform an audit and analysis on their internal corporate training program and make recommendations to inject more client experience based programming into their corporate learning.
  4. Revise the firms approach to Purpose and Brand Promise in alignment with their renewed commitment to the client experience.

Our Solution

Audit NPS and Client Feedback System
  1. Evaluate and map current approach to client and partner feedback collection
  2. Redefine strategic approach to gathering all stakeholder feedback
  3. Redefine survey questions
  4. Establish means to fully utilize client feedback platform technology
Client Personas and Journey Mapping
  1. Research client and partner stakeholder groups
  2. Facilitate multiple internal outcome-oriented client journey sessions
  3. Develop multiple segment-based client personas
  4. Design multiple segment-based, outcome-oriented client journey maps
  5. Isolate key moments of truth (where the client experience matters most)
  6. Isolate key service innovation opportunities (example: enhance the client onboarding experience)
  7. Support internal distribution of all personas and journey maps for broad cultural adoption
  8. Make recommendations on organizational improvements from client journey maps
  9. Make recommendations on internal/external content and communications from client journey maps
  10. Make recommendations on ways to measure experience from client journey maps
Corporate Training Strategy
  1. Audit current firm training program
  2. Develop recommendations for modernizing training to be more experience-based
  3. Re-envision course curriculum into key cores
  4. Re-envision course training delivery modes for greater adoption of training
  5. Establish new experience-based training course material
Purpose and Brand Promise
  1. Thorough analysis of all internal communications, research, archives
  2. Formulation of internal Purpose statement to drive deeper, purpose-led mission for internal stakeholders (go beyond the financial and appeal to employees deeper core ambitions to drive engagement)
  3. Formulation of the firm’s Brand Promise in alignment with all existing brand architecture standards to drive external commitment to experience-led interactions
  4. Support internal brand/communications team in driving these new brand elements into the firm culture

The Result

  1. Increased firm-wide visibility into their top three client segments through outcome oriented journey mapping
  2. Increased knowledge of client sentiments and expectations through comprehensive client personas
  3. Knowledge of how to expand their client and partner personas and journey maps, internally
  4. A full understanding of how to upgrade their current client/partner voice of client (client feedback system)
  5. A full understanding of how to upgrade their corporate training program
  6. Aligned Purpose and Brand Promise to corporate brand architecture
  7. Deeper leadership and team member engagement in CX