Achievieng a perfect NPS Score

Neumann Monson Architects Case Study

About our work with Neumann Monson

This amazing architecture firm Neumann Monson has won every imaginable award for CX—and if you met their leadership, you’d understand why. We began working with this remarkable firm in 2018. We set them up to fully embrace client-centricity and they have since delivered.


We began our work with a comprehensive CX strategy which would inform how to consolidate multiple corporate objectives into one CX directive. We then developed the road map the entire staff could follow to make client-centricity a new, powerful and collaborative approach to work. Once the CX road map was fully embraced, we created a CX Charter that helped everyone in the firm rally around the planned CX management program to gain full buy-in and begin embedding CX into their culture. Then the true, transformative work of CX began.

CX Ideal Client Profile
Ideal Client Profile

Our Solution

The solution was a 3 X 3 matrix driving 1) CX strategy, 2) measurement and 3) governance across a) the new development of client insights, b) aligning teams to CX, and c) setting the context for better client experiences.

The success from Neumann Monson’s CX management program came from the delicate intervention of the following pilot projects:

  1. CX strategy and road map
  2. External research program
  3. CX charter
  4. Ideal client profile development
  5. Client interview program
  6. CX maturity and readiness assessment
  7. CX value driver planning
  8. CX Net Promoter system
  9. Culture preparedness for CX
  10. CX communications planning (internal/external)
  11. CX insights development program
  12. Outcome-oriented client journey mapping
  13. Client onboarding innovation
  14. Client empathy training program
  15. CX data management
  16. CX governance and measurement
  17. CX project prioritization
  18. Client lifetime value calculation (CLV)
  19. CX process and workflow innovation
  20. Staff workflow innovation management (S.W.I.M.)
  21. Employee engagement program
  22. Client interaction mapping
  23. Roles, responsibilities and authority planning
  24. Social Media strategy and planning
  25. Win/Keep/Develop/Shed model for business development
  26. Annual CX program maintenance (CX governance)

The Result

Neumann Monson has won over a dozen awards for their outstanding accomplishments in CX.

  1. Perfect NPS ranking of 100
  2. 100% client referenceability
  3. 100% fully engaged employees
  4. Increased client win rate (as % of bids)
  5. Improved client onboarding
  6. Decreased cost of recruitment
  7. Increased rate of client insights developed
  8. Increased # of bidding opportunties
  9. Increased # of ideal clients (as % of total)
  10. Total staff buy-in to fully adopt CX as a discipline