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We are a collection of CX pioneers advancing the cutting-edge of experience-based management strategy for professional services firms

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We make businesses better by focusing on people

We live in a world where humans are at the center of business, yet many decisions and actions fail to reflect that. As the leading end-to-end CX consultancy for professional service firms, we engage businesses in employee and customer-centric change to drive better partnerships which, in turn, drive a better bottom line.

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A small story about a CX innovator

The genesis of CX Pilots dates back to the 1990s. Steven Keith’s first company, Gorilla, worked on the digital transformation of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In the course of that work, he began to map the overall human experience ecosystem–the complex entanglement of 'outside' people interacting with 'inside' people (the company). This new discipline, “Customer Experience (CX)” as it would come to be called, would revolutionize businesses in the 21st century. Through the application of social science, strategy, change management, and systems thinking, a business could become human-centered by orienting itself more intentionally around its customers. As a result, its profits would grow, people would become more engaged, and positive experiences would drive loyalty behaviors, predictably. Steven began collecting experts in this discipline with a passion for putting humanity back in business, and CX Pilots was born. 

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Steven Keith

Transformation Advisor

Steven Keith is an internationally recognized expert and keynote speaker for customer experience in professional services firms. Steven works with companies in the Fortune 10 as well as the Fortune 10,000 by helping them transform their strategies and operations to become more systematically empathetic to their internal and external customers. Educated at University of Iowa (Literature, Science and the Arts), Northwestern University (Psycholinguistics) and University of Chicago (Marketing Strategy), Steven has been amassing education across multiple disciplines for decades. Steven is the architect of dozens of organizational transformations. He is the founder of CX Pilots and lives in Chapel Hill, NC.

Best customer experience consultants

Virginia Ingram

Head of Relationships & Advisor

Virginia is a digital strategist, communications specialist, and client relationships expert who is trained as a Speech-Language Pathologist. With over 20 years at agencies and start-ups, she has focused her career on technology-sparked solutions for business while transitioning her digital strategy work into both a clinical and strategic position. She has worked across 11 time zones with international companies fueling growth by building systems for process improvement and operational stability. Her work at CX Pilots focuses on relationship management and strategy for human centered firms. With an insatiable appetite for all things new and interesting she is a regular contributor to the SXSW community having presented four times. She travels as often as her schedule allows and has lived in three countries, five states, and with people from 11 different countries.

Best customer experience consultants

Joe Bell

CMO & Advisor

Joe is a marketing & strategy expert who has led teams across research, entertainment, and tech. A former analyst on Bureau of Labor Statistics research, he holds degrees in Sociology, Political Science, and Science and the Public from the University of Utah and University at Buffalo SUNY. When he’s not giving talks about the social network analysis of concert attendees he’s working on marketing and change management for CX Pilots. He serves on the boards of the Triangle American Marketing Association and the North Carolina Sustainable Business Council. Joe lives for underground Berlin techno, triple bottom line business, entrepreneurship and resides in Durham, NC with his rockstar wife and two furry children.

Best customer experience consultants

Katrina Brown

Director of Growth

Katrina serves as CX Pilots’ Director of Growth, As an expert in revenue management and analytics, she drives purposeful growth with class and modern thinking, ensuring new heights of success. Katrina holds degrees in Computer Information Systems from the City University of New York and also holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business. She has worked across consulting, healthcare and government administration. Katrina is a lifelong lover of the arts and lives in Raleigh, NC.

Best customer experience consultants

Amy Lee

Account Manager

Amy Lee comes from a diverse background in Occupational Therapy, event planning, and healthcare operations. With a bachelor's degree in psychology from Azusa Pacific University and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from California State University Dominguez Hills, she brings a unique blend of expertise to her role at CX Pilots. As an Account Manager, she ensures that CX Pilots' services consistently exceed client expectations driven by her ability to establish efficient systems for clarity and execution. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring the vibrant Los Angeles area with her husband, as well as traveling, skiing, cycling, and listening to audiobooks that expand her knowledge.

Best customer experience consultants

Happier employees
make happier clients.

We bring a new approach to CX strategy.

Coming from big consultancies, we've seen firsthand that their old-school, one-size-fits-all models no longer work. Locking clients into long contracts that don't deliver value isn't the way business should be done.

We're different.

We've spent decades refining our approach to deliver quick, measurable results. We specialize in B2B professional services, where CX matters most.

Client-centricity is our focus.

We help firms embrace client-centricity, understanding that while it's not easy, it's worth it. We're not your average consultancy—we thrive on challenges.

We're not for everyone.

If you're not ready for change, we're not the right fit. But if you're a leader in your field and ready to put people first, let's chat. Because at the end of the day, putting people first pays off.

Best customer experience consultants

"Every human interaction is important, and every relationship-supported organization can meaningfully, and measurably enrich the work of the people they serve."


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amazing CX leaders

Account Manager

CX Pilots


Our growing consultancy firm is seeking an organized and empathetic Account Manager to drive and support client projects from conception to completion. This role involves collaborating with our firm’s consultants to help firms reach new heights in how they design, deliver, and measure client and employee experience. The ideal candidate will be instrumental in preparing for and facilitating meetings, capturing project promises, and managing milestones. If you're passionate about driving project success and excel at anticipating the needs of clients, we encourage you to apply.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and Facilitate Meetings: Organize agendas for weekly client meetings, lead discussions, and ensure all project milestones are effectively managed and captured.
  • Client Needs and Proactivity: Anticipate client needs and take proactive steps to address them, ensuring the delivery of high-quality work within project deadlines.
  • Strategy and Collaboration: Work closely with senior consultants to define project strategy, objectives, and vision, communicating these effectively to all stakeholders.
  • Task Management: Break down large projects into actionable components, delegate tasks efficiently, and manage project timelines and scopes with precision.
  • Communication and Efficiency: Utilize exceptional written and verbal communication skills to draft communications on behalf of others and prepare presentations. Employ AI tools to enhance work efficiency and project management practices.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Project Management Passion: Demonstrates a strong interest in and aptitude for project management, particularly in coordinating timelines, budgets, and project scopes. Known for being proactive and consistently "on top of things."
  • Organizational Skills and Empathy: Exhibits exceptional organizational skills and a natural ability to empathize with others, understanding and anticipating their needs, perspectives, and concerns.
  • Accreditation and Professional Development: Eager to pursue relevant accreditations (e.g., CAPM, PMP, CX), with a commitment to personal and professional growth. Expenses for accreditation will be covered.
  • Process Improvement: Actively seeks ways to make processes more standardized, clear, and efficient, both in professional settings and personal life.
  • Systematic Approach: Regularly employs systems to manage tasks and priorities effectively, demonstrating excellent prioritization skills.
  • Initiative and Communication: Takes initiative to address tasks and challenges. Possesses strong written and verbal communication skills, capable of creating clear and impactful presentations and communications.
  • Collaboration and Relationship Building: Values partnerships and collaboration, working closely with subject matter experts to set others up for success. Enjoys building relationships and is skilled at adjusting communication styles to align with client needs.
  • Technology and Learning: Familiar with or willing to learn AI tools to maximize efficiency. Displays a positive attitude and openness to learning new skills and approaches.

Salary Range:

$60,000 - $68,000 DOE

What We Offer:

  • A supportive and collaborative work environment—if we teach companies how to design and deliver a strong employee experience, you can bet we take it seriously ourselves.
  • Opportunities for professional development and growth—this role can morph to have components of leadership, marketing,  
  • Health insurance, unlimited PTO and sick time, and 401k.
  • Travel expense coverage for client-site visits (1-3 days at a time, 3-5x a year expected).

To apply, submit the following documents:

Resume: Detailing your professional experience, skills, and accomplishments, especially those relevant to account/project management and client services. We welcome those from non-traditional backgrounds (Especially OT, SLP, PT, ABA, and Teachers) to apply.

Cover Letter (1 page max): There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. We're interested in understanding your approach to client management and problem-solving. Please address the following prompts:

  • Positive Client Experience: Describe a time when you had a positive client or customer experience. What made this experience stand out and what impact did that have on how you think about CX?
  • Problem-Solving Initiative: Reflect on a situation where you identified a problem and took the initiative to solve it. Outline the steps you took, the outcome, and any key learnings you took away from the experience.

Note: We appreciate every application. However, due to the high volume of applications, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Account Manager

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CX Pilots Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

We are committed to transcending our own experiential lenses and cultural biases through active curiosity, listening, and inclusivity. Our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion compels us to continually adapt and align our work, processes, and culture with the diverse experiences of our employees, our clients, and their clients. We strive to ensure that every interaction is characterized by respect, humility, and empowerment.

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