The Benefits and Pitfalls of Using NPS

A metric commonly used in CX programs may be leaving value on the table

Net Promoter Score® or NPS is a metric commonly used across customer experience (CX) programs. It is based on a single question posed to customers: How likely are you to recommend this product/service to a colleague or friend? Both its elegance as well as its weakness is in its simplicity. Some organizations exclusively run their CX programs on this metric. In fact, companies seldomly mature their CX management programs without NPS. It has been praised for its correlation to business growth among other financial measures. However, NPS leaves value on the table and tends to focus the business too much on ‘efficiency’ and not enough on ‘advocacy,’ or other experience gains. To resolve these shortcomings, companies must re-evaluate the strength of any insights derived from NPS; reposition where and how they embed NPS within their client listening channels and mature their metrics to go after other mission critical feedback that goes beyond NPS.

NPS White Paper

In this white paper, we examine the benefits and pitfalls of NPS from the perspective of 7 key C-level personas.

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