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Continuous Improvement

Continuously improve key outcomes from CX/EX

Continuous improvement is an initiative leaders and teams use to understand the cycles used to steadily improve CX and EX management programs. 

For example, we want to continuously improve the cycle time from client feedback received to business improvement realized. Through continuous improvement we want that time to get as close to real time as possible. 

The challenge with continuous improvement of CX programs is a lack of focus and support energy. For it to become and remain constructive and effective, it requires a high-level shared view of what improvement inputs and outputs in CX the firm wants to achieve. 

CX continuous improvement programs are a healthy way for firms to boost certainty that they are doing all they can do to fully realize the benefits of CX & EX. They are the insurance policy that executives have to ensure the entire firm is doing everything they can to capture all the benefits possible to improve client centricity. 

How we establish continuous improvement strategies: 

1. Establish a clear continuous improvement vision: Define the desired outcomes for CX/EX and ensure everyone is aligned with the same CI objectives.

2. Stabilize key metrics and KPIs: Set measurable goals and use analytics to gather data on customer and employee experience. Continuously monitor and optimize metrics to achieve desired outcomes.

3. Closed-loop feedback: Create a feedback and improvement cycles that are closed-loop. Continuously gather data, analyze it, and implement improvements.

4. Share insights and improvements: Share insights and improvement opportunities across the entire firm, not just within CX. Communicate the importance of CX improvements and how they impact firm success.

5. Broaden the scope: Eventually broaden the scope of improvement programs to include all departments. Collaborate with HR, finance, operations, marketing, services, and business development teams.

6. Trim feedback cycles: Reduce feedback cycle times by using agile processes and technology to gather feedback and implement changes more rapidly.

7. Tools and frameworks: Use tools and frameworks that facilitate easy implementation of improvements. Encourage the adoption of best practices and proven processes to accelerate success.

8. Document and communicate: Document and communicate the continuous improvement program throughout the firm. Maintain transparency and encourage participation in the CI program.

9. Executive buy-in: Ensure executive leadership is fully engaged and supports the continuous improvement program. Ensure they understand the benefits and impacts of CX/EX improvements.

10. Engage every role: Engage every role in the firm to benefit from CX/EX improvements. Provide education, train2