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CX Assessments / Diagnostics

Know where your firm is in terms of CX/EX maturity and readiness

CX Pilots research assessments are a multidimensional measurement of your firm’s customer experience maturity. Our research methodology helps you gain insight and better understand the current state of your client & employee experience. We’ve been studying every CX maturity assessment out there for over a decade and have found a way to take them to a new level—developing a more meaningful way to measure your firm’s CX readiness and maturity. If you’re frustrated by customer experience research that ends with a recommendation for an expensive CX platform, you’ll appreciate ours. We’re only interested in revealing true obstacles and blind spots so you know where to prioritize your investment in CX—that’s it.

Just because someone is doing business with you doesn’t mean they have a good experience with your firm.

Do you want to…

  • Know your clients better than your competitors
  • Have a blueprint of your client journey
  • Predict next month’s employee engagement
  • Know which clients are about to churn
  • Have a scorecard to understand every client relationship 

Leverage deeper understanding of your clients, employees and leadership with CX Pilots research and assessments.