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CX / Marketing Integration

Use CX to supercharge your marketing and vice versa.

CX/Marketing integration is about one thing—using experience data to make your Marketing measurably more effective.

9 out of 10 organizations silo both marketing and CX which means rich client experience data cannot be leveraged to improve demand generation, proposal writing, new business pitches, ideal client profiling, recruiting, etc. By integrating your client experience management program data with your marketing you can begin to use rich experience data to drive marketing strategy based on the real experiences of those who’ve bought from you in the past. 

Firms with more mature states of CX ensure tight integration between CX into Marketing. For the more progressive firms, they’ve learned CX is the new marketing. They think through how they are using the experience of others to market and monetize new relationships predicting new marketing strategies on new approaches to increase client and prospect-centricity in all aspects of marketing.

On the flip side, marketing can improve the experience prospects and clients have with the firm. The key is to begin envisioning how CX and Marketing can become force-multipliers in your firm.