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CX Data Insights Management

Turn client feedback into valuable insights

CX data is the raw material that fuels your entire CX effort.

Data Insights Management allows you to gain valuable insights into your firm’s customers and operations and use that information to make data-driven decisions to drive growth. Whether you have a feedback tool like Qualtrics or InMoment in place, or are looking to leverage raw data, CX Pilots can help you turn it into action. 

Have data but you’re not sure what to do with it? 

Turn your client data into your team's secret weapon

When you understand how to unlock customer data, your CX team is seen in a different light:

  • You can help the Marketers use customer data to improve the personalization and effectiveness of campaigns.
  • You can help your Sales leaders explore it to find the most valuable segment playbooks.
  • You can help IT make sure you have the right tool/platforms to keep it working fluidly.
  • You can help Services teams drive improvements into more seamless interactions.
  • You can help Finance with experience-attributable forecasting (REMEBER: CX DRIVES REVENUE).
  • You can help the C-suite see how CX is a measure of your firm's operational, brand, economic and employee health.

In order to activate the potential of client data and insights across your organization, you needs to find ways to boost its accuracy, relevance, and accessibility to the people that need it in the way that works best for them.  Done correctly, your teams across the organization move from silos and begin to operate from collective insights—this drives better planning, smoother collaboration, and stronger outcomes.

Data Insights Management can help you turn data into:

  • Value for your firm
  • New engagements and prolonged
  • Actionable brand, operations, economic, employee, and management outcomes

Turn data into an asset to help clients along the journey, win new engagements, support recruiting, and create more meaningful relationships.