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Ecosystem Communications

Develop necessary communications to support CX/EX program

Keep everyone in the ecosystem informed and engaged in the value of your client experience management efforts.

In order to make your CX investment successful, you must figure out precisely what and how CX needs to be communicated to your broader organization. 

If you've seen CX program success statistics, you'll read that most CX programs fail to deliver the results leadership expects. Reason: people who are responsible for making better experiences pay off don't understand what the organization is doing with CX—they're left to wonder what their role in CX will be. 

The ultimate goal of CX Culture and communications is to develop a CX socialization and adoption strategy. You need to understand what needs to be said and embedded in your culture to make CX stick. Then you need a strategy to communicate it effectively.

An ecosystem communications strategy is essential for creating strong relationships between the firm and your clients. It ensures that clients have a positive experience with your firm at every interaction. Having systematic communications helps CX get off the ground for the long term. 

Well organized ecosystem communications helps firms:

  • Build ambassadors to make CX part of your culture
  • Know what to say, and when to say it to shift mindsets
  • Develop strategic CX charter to engage the whole firm in client centricity

What is a CX Charter and how does it engage employees in CX? 

The CX Charter is the most important tool in helping you embed CX into your culture. 

They are highly detailed and written in your organization's lexicon but at the same time, they stick out and catch your people's attention. They are a CX "rallying cry" and a way to drive consistent, unified understanding about the organization's unique approach to drive CX outcomes.