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Journey Mapping

Understand every interaction clients have with your firm

Client Journey Mapping is the process of exploring the end-to-end pathway your client takes when they do business with your firm. It factors in the actions, thoughts, feelings, and expectations from the client’s perspective across a timeline. From their initial phase of awareness through post-purchase evaluation, It helps firms identify pain points, opportunities for innovation and improvement in the customer service and experience.

  • Use empirical journey data to improve every human interaction
  • Develop consistent standards of service across a growing number of team members and offices
  • Isolate key “moments of truth” when you need to develop new standards at specific milestones

The combination of in-depth/detailed personas and journey mapping provides a comprehensive view of the customer experience. Personas help to contextualize the customer's journey by incorporating unique characteristics and behaviors of different types of customers business segments. 

Journey management brings customer journey maps together with analytics and tools for a comprehensive understanding of the entire customer journey.