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Opportunity Framing

Profile where the firm can benefit from CX

Opportunity Framing is a design thinking workshop based approach to determine what your firm can do with customer experience (CX) to positively influence numerous aspects of business value including brand reputation, operational workflow, processes, experience centric company culture, revenue and more. Evaluate the best practices of how other service firms seize the CX opportunity and discover where your best opportunities in CX are. 

Use design thinking to innovate in CX

Choose what to focus on and improve:

  • most growable clients 
  • shift employee experience (EX)
  • Change brand reputation

If we were going to see an increase in revenue how would that happen, what would need to take place etc? Opportunity Framing allows your firm to build consensus on the greatest opportunities and serves as a prerequisite to Value Exchange Planning or determining the economic ROI of CX.