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Program Roadmap & Strategy

Develop clear CX strategies everyone can get behind

CX Strategy is about creating and maintaining a clear and shared vision for experience management efforts.

CX Strategy is the guide you use to point your organization in the right direction. It tells you where to focus your CX efforts and energy, and where not to. 

It also helps the entire organization understand what direction you're taking the client-experience initiative. 

Organizations that move through CX projects without a clear and documented path, are perceived to be doing it an ad hoc fashion which doesn't help to instill confidence in the CX program.  We'll ensure your organization has a clearly articulated CX strategy that echoes your unique organization. 

Importantly, CX strategies guide all next steps, and boost confidence the firm has in you as a CX leader. 

The bottom line is that they help us understand where we are going, what we're focusing on, and the outcomes we wish to achieve.

We will align the CX initiative with existing corporate strategy to guide your organization's CX effort and ensure desired achievements are met. We will develop a comprehensive CX strategy that outlines the vision, goals, and objectives of the initiative.

Step One: We collect corporate initiative data—aligning CX Strategy to Corporate Strategy.

Step Two: We analyze the data to begin formulating the backbone of the CX Strategy. 

Step Three: We collaborate with you and your team to ensure we capture the right approach. 

Step Four: We help you communicate the CX Strategy out to the rest of the organization. 

How CX Strategy is Used

A CX Vision and Mission

Clear point of view about how the organizaiton “shows up” – consistently, connected, and differentiated – across all possible client and prospect interactions. This will be captured in the CX Strategy's Strategic Foundations and  Engagement Model.

A CX Lens

A means to know where and how to focus effort and prioritize investments in experience design to create the right value and achieve the organization’s growth goals. This is achieved later through Governance and the Operating Model.

A CX Practice Framework

A flexible engagement standard to be used across the variety of your organization's business to achieve a fair balance of value creation for both clients and colleagues. This will be outlined in the Client Journey and Engagement Model.

An Integrated Approach

A collaboration that reinforces your organization’s current investments in data, insights, and key business initiatives e.g. your corporate strategy, Account Management, and other improvement initiatives. This will be achieved through Governance and the Operating Model.

From CX Strategy to Execution
CX Engagement Model example for use in CX Strategy
CX Strategy pillars

CX Roadmaps paint a linear picture of how the firm will accomplish CX outcomes over time.

CX Roadmap example

Objectives of CX Strategy

Align your firm’s corporate strategy, mission and values with a CX strategy designed to get results. Your firm’s CX strategy will set you apart, attract ideal clients and keep them for life. The right roadmap assures it gets executed properly. Together, CX strategy and roadmaps help coalesce people around client centric change. Seeing the plan and understanding how it will all unfold is precisely how you build momentum toward a human-centered firm. .

Balance firm-wide executional rigor with local solution flexibility.

A well-defined CX/EX Program Roadmap and Strategy allows you to:

  • Deliver a successful CX Framework
  • Prioritize growth opportunities
  • Chart a path to achieve your CX/EX strategy

CX Pilots Program Roadmap and Strategy always incorporates an engagement model, operating model, governance model and communications model so your firm can have a world class CX Program.