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Response Framework-VoC

Move beyond NPS. Collect, refine and route critical experience data into your business to close more loops

CX Pilots Response Framework (VoC Strategy) is a structured approach to improve a firm’s institutional curiosity.

Instead of collecting client feedback according to leading practices we help firms create more meaningful questions to ask their stakeholders and create better systems to route more valuable data to the right areas of the business.

This framework allows your firm to close more loops on your client feedback system. It establishes escalation criteria and action plans based on real time data. 

CX Pilots Feedback Process Improvement Framework

Get more meaningful experience data to those who need it most 

  • Expand the reach and knowledge of your feedback system
  • Tune your organization to client sentiment
  • Create escalation paths to immediate action

Key questions to ask about your current feedback program: 

  • How are we collecting feedback? 
  • How are we using the collected data? 
  • What are we really curious about—beyond NPS?
  • What systems do we have in place to refine data from the most important stakeholders?
  • How are we responding to stakeholders?
  • What accountabilities are wrapped around our feedback systems?

While average client survey response rates remain around 10% firms need to take their holistic feedback systems more seriously. We look at the entire system to expand the reach and outcomes so you get a steady stream of data that can help you achieve your CX/EX objectives.

CX Pilots Feedback Prioritization Scoring Tool