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Staff Workflow Innovation Management

Align the right team accountabilities with the right processes to power your client experience management program

Do you want your people's roles to be more innovative?

Staff Workflow Innovation Management (SWIM) is a people/process-mapping methodology to develop points of innovation and accountability across collaboration pathways. Its core focus is on staff and process interventions that drive experience innovation.

To get CX/EX accountability right for our clients’ unique firms, we use Staff Workflow Innovation Management (SWIM) which is a proprietary methodology to align the right skill set to the right jobs to be done across all relevant journeys. 

  • Design modern responsibilities into more strategic CX/EX roles
  • Develop more relevant CX processes
  • Innovate the way people engage with clients

SWIM always begins with discovery meetings and often results in an audit, interviews with leadership, existing staff members, managers and experience-based process owners. It always includes conversations with HR followed by a recommendations report.

Role-based Enablement is for Professional Services firms who demand people and process outcomes. 

  • The right resources with the right skill sets doing the right job 
  • More sophisticated resource pool to meet aggressive CX/EX objectives 
  • A strategic re-skilling approach
  • The certainty that you can effectively manage any interaction
  • HR planning to more effectively meet the demands of the experience economy