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CX Value Exchange Planning

Forecast the business value of CX

Once your leadership sees how CX can be tuned, they are all in!

Here's something most people in CX will not agree about—CX is economics (money and behavior), or as we like to say, "math and manners".

Value Exchange Planning (VEP) is a proprietary cascading value identification framework developed by CX Pilots. This is a fancy way to say we align leadership around the CX imperative, understand the economic drivers of CX for your firm so you can ensure the best possible ROI of CX. It merges opportunity framing with the economics of CX. 

What do you want CX to do for your firm? 

  • Increase profitable revenue
  • Reduce regrettable client churn
  • Grow key account margin
  • Sell a broader array of the firm's services
  • Make everyone in the firm a more strategic net retention driver

VEP helps you to establish these goals and lays the foundation to achieve them. 

VEP helps you build a structurally sound end-to-end methodology and foundation, where every penny spent on CX/EX is money well spent. It creates a smart and successful human-centered business. 

Importantly, it helps those funding CX initiatives confident there is a rational component to CX that can be measured.