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CX / EX Metrics & Governance

Develop measures and governance to sustain CX/EX momentum

Successfully measuring CX is a real problem and struggle for most firms trying to gauge and improve their client’s experience. There is a better way. The questions firms need to ask are: 

  • What needs to be measured?
  • When do we measure it?
  • How are we going to measure it?
  • Who is accountable for measuring it?
  • What are we going to do with the information our measures yield?
  • If you are asking these questions, acting on them consistently, and closing loops around your findings, you are in great shape.  If you are not, there is no bad time to begin.

CX Pilots helps you build a framework and strategy around these metrics so your firm can

  • Know what to measure and why
  • Keep people accountable for what matters most
  • Prevent CX Programs from backsliding into the status quo

CX is not a destination. CX is a journey.  Governance is your guide.

Governance refers to the processes, policies, and practices that govern the way a company or organization manages customer experience across the firm for decision-making, alignment, and accountability. It establishes a framework for ensuring accountability for delivering a consistent experience.