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CX / EX Metrics & Governance

Develop measures and governance to sustain CX/EX momentum

Successfully measuring and managing CX is a real struggle for most firms trying to gauge and improve their client’s experience. There is a better way.

The questions firms need to ask are: 

  • What needs to be measured?
  • When do we measure it?
  • How are we going to measure it?
  • Who is accountable for measuring it?
  • What are we going to do with the information our measures yield?
  • If you are asking these questions, acting on them consistently, and closing loops around your findings, you are in great shape.  If you are not, there is no bad time to begin.

CX Pilots helps you build a CX governance framework and strategy around the right metrics.

When creating a Customer Experience (CX) governance operating model, there are several key components to consider:

  • Emphasize People:
    • While the governing body defines roles and responsibilities, it’s essential to identify individuals and teams within cross-functional areas who will take ownership of improvement work and projects.
    • Specify accountability: roles, responsibilities, and decision rights for these teams.
    • Outline how they’ll be supported and measure their success.
  • Measure and Define Customer Experience:
    • Develop a comprehensive measurement framework that includes:
      • Voice of the Customer (VoC) Program: Collect feedback from customers and utilize it effectively.
      • Persona Research: Understand customer segments and tailor experiences accordingly.
      • Journey Mapping Workshops: Analyze customer journeys and identify pain points.
      • Data Sources: Leverage data left behind by customer interactions.
    • Define where data is stored, how it’s analyzed, and how insights are democratized.
  • Outline Processes and Procedures:
    • Document the processes required to achieve desired CX outcomes.
    • Consider how cross-functional teams collaborate, communicate, and execute initiatives.
    • Address change management and alignment with the overall strategy.
  • Choose the Right Tools and Technologies:
    • Select tools that support CX initiatives, such as:
      • Customer Feedback Platforms: Gather and analyze feedback.
      • Journey Mapping Software: Visualize customer journeys.
      • Analytics Tools: Extract insights from data.
    • Ensure alignment with the overall operating model.
  • Connect and Monitor All the Components:
    • Integrate people, measurement, processes, and tools to create a cohesive CX governance operating model.
    • Continuously assess and refine the model to adapt to changing needs and goals.
  • Remember, a well-structured CX governance model ignites momentum and ensures effective execution of your customer experience strategy.

CX is not a destination. CX is a journey.  Governance is your guide.

Basic CX Governance Framework

Basic CX Governance structure

Governance refers to the processes, policies, and practices that govern the way a company or organization manages customer experience across the firm for decision-making, alignment, and accountability. It establishes a framework for ensuring accountability for delivering a consistent experience.